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By Richard Powell
Review by Dr Angie Hayes
Genre: Fiction:

This story is set in the Australia of the 1980's when there was a lot of resistance to practices such as IVF which are now widely accepted.

The Abraham Clinic is the Oasis for childless couples who are frustrated with the adoption process. Set up by a Polish immigrant doctor, called Joseph, with a passion for the emerging life and for helping want - to - be parents the clinic becomes a unique centre for exclusive medical services including IVF and human cloning. The expansive facilities on a mysterious small island in the Lawrence River delta are also home to top level medical research and a pharmaceutical company with international operations.

Joseph does not know that his adopted son Jacob has turned into a unscrupulous power hungry megalomaniac who has no problems using criminal avenues to expand his influence. Most of the staff is devoted to him because they have some dark history which forces them to hide from the law.

Jacob uses the cold blooded killer Mark to abduct young prostitutes to be used as foster mothers in the clinic. When he kills a police officer who was checking him out all hell breaks loose and a whole series of unexplained accidents and events begins to fall into place. The real story behind the Abraham Clinic comes out during a raid but it ends in a moral dilemma.

This is an exciting story that does not waste the reader's time with lengthy or irrelevant descriptions. Every page in this book is relevant to the core story with the occasional interlude of an erotic scene. The book is professionally written, all the scientific and medical details are believable, even the science fiction part of human cloning. At the same time the style makes easy and entertaining reading that keeps mind and emotions involved at all times.

The characters are interesting and well described with distinctively likable characters, such as the young prostitute Natalie. The dislikeable characters are described in a way that makes the reader understand what has led them to be the way they are rather than just as "the baddy". For example Mark has become the cold blooded killer he is after returning from the Vietnam war where it was his task to operate as a sole and silent killer in the jungle, eliminating any Vietcong with a garrotte. He becomes traumatised and can only live on a heavy drug regime but he has lost his respect for human life.

The book is sure to initiate some discussions about social and moral standards and perceptions.

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The Powell Family

By Richard Powell
Genre: Historical:
Description: A short history of the Powell Family - descendents of Edward Powell first free settler in Australia. Pioneers of the Hawkesbury District NSW. Family tree of Edward Powell. Individual Powell family information.
This book provides intersting historical information on Edward Powell and the early settlement of the Hawkesbury District and follows through with details of one of the family lines of descendants up to the fifth generation. Information on Noel and Ethel Powell of Bilpin in some detail with a record of their accomplishments.
Hardcover book $47.95

Printed: 123 pages, 8.25" x 10.75", casewrap-hardcover binding, white interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

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Lord of Kakadu

By John Lord
Genre: Historical:
The story of the development of Munmalary Station in the region of the Northern Territory that has become Kakadu. This collection of stories and experiences traces John Lord's experience, trials and triumphs in carving a working buffalo business and abbatoir from the hostile bush. This is the first of four planned books dealing with the development of the station and abbatoir.
John is a natural story teller with many anecdotes about the way of life and the events of the time. A thoroughly good read! - Available in full colour with many photographs or in black & white for those on a budget.